Pond Scum to Fuel - Algae to Gas


There are more than 100 start-ups addressing our fossil fuel problems.  While we belive that the solution is in maximizing the lowest climate impacting fuels.  The general consensus is that with all of the effort and money pushed into the industry we are moving quickly to having a commercial grade fossil fuel alternative in ten years or less. 

The costs of the an alternative fuel will likely exceed the fossil fuel cousin until there is wide adoption.  However, should there be other soft benefits, such as environmental friendliness, it might drive early adoption despite the cost pain.  The current estimated cost of a barrel of algea based fuel is between $150 and $1,000 depending on process.  Compare this with oil that is currently selling for $40 a barrel. 

There are plenty of ways to improve the process to increase the biomass yeild.  These include genetic modification and hybriding, but they have yet to produce the necessary results as they move from pilot programs to production. 

Algea will prove to be a part of the solution and the Industry as a whole needs to move together to solve the large issues.