Expansion Of Wind Energy Investment In The Western United States


Wind energy investment in the western United States has been growing for several years. The western part of the country has many open spaces that were never developed or industrialized. Environmental supporters have tried for many decades to keep this land bare, and this bare land is now home to large wind farms. Large wind farms are creating new avenues for energy production in America, and each new avenue is greatly needed.

#1: Supporting Coal And Nuclear Energy

Power grids have nearly shut down during devastating winters in Texas and California. The coal and nuclear power plants could not provide all the needed energy for the population, but wind energy farms now account for a small fraction of production. Wind energy is consistently produced, and the wind energy supplements what the traditional power plants create.

#2: Going Off The Grid

Wind energy farms have allowed whole towns and villages in the western U.S. to go off the energy grid altogether. These small municipalities are saving energy resources that could be better used by those who do not have access to wind energy. One wind energy farm may support a farming operation, and a large farm supports a small community that wants to save money.

#3: Big Investors

Companies such as Google are investing in massive wind energy farms across the western states. Their investment in these farms helps support the wind energy industry as a whole. Wind energy companies require capital to keep their companies running, and big investors are propping up an industry that needs the help.

Companies like Google know they will need energy to keep their own businesses running. They are investing in something that helps them over the years, but they are making the planet cleaner at the same time.

#4: Simplicity

Wind energy is simple to create, and wind turbines are cheaper to make than other green energy sources. Individuals around the country could place a single turbine in their backyard to collect more energy, or the turbines may be affixed to the roof of the house. The technology helps supplement energy production for those who use solar energy panels.

#5: Subsidies

The U.S. government is still issuing subsidies to those who use wind turbines on their property. There is a tax credit for the construction of the turbine, and there are often tax credits after the fact. Everyone wins with a wind turbine, and large companies building new farms want those tax credits.

Wind energy is changing the landscape of energy companies around America. New turbines are built every day, but everyone must make the change in due time. Wind energy is consistent, and it may be harnessed on any piece of land.