Pond Scum to Fuel - Algae to Gas


There are more than 100 start-ups addressing our fossil fuel problems.  While we belive that the solution is in maximizing the lowest climate impacting fuels.  The general consensus is that with all of the effort and money pushed into the industry

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By Installing Solar Panels, You Can Save Money and Our Planet


Keeping carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere is getting tougher but more essential to the survival of the planet. Carbon dioxide is a significant contributor to the greenhouse effect. According to the EPA, 40% of CO2 emissions comes from the product

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Expansion Of Wind Energy Investment In The Western United States


Wind energy investment in the western United States has been growing for several years. The western part of the country has many open spaces that were never developed or industrialized. Environmental supporters have tried for many decades to keep t

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Tesla Charging Forth with the Electric Battery Alternative


The energy sources fueling our transportation have come a long way since the days of capped railway men shoveling coal with black-tinged hands into the fire of their steam engines. Fossil fuels still play a dominant role in transportation. They fuel

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Weekly Article on Green Fuels: 24th-to-1st-May-2015


The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) Office of Energy Projects has issued its latest "Energy Infrastructure Update" about the first three months of 2015. According to said report, over 75 percent of new electricity generating capability

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Weekly Article on Green Fuels : 9th-to-16th-Apr-2015


Some of the most exciting news in the world of green energy production has come from the progress being made in biomass fuel production. Fuels derived from biomass are generating interest and attention because of their similarity to petroleum-based

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Is Algae a Miracle Fuel?


Imagine the world two hundred years from now. What would it look like, what would be the predominant fuel? What would be the effeciency of that fuel?  

We are moving into a new period,  the quest for alternatves to crude oil has been quickening.

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Advancements in Envrionmentally Friendly Biofuel Options


As a growing percentage of the population becomes more energy conscious and works to reduce its carbon footprint, solutions such as the electric car have become more common and more affordable. Yet for many families, buying a new car isn't a financia

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Funding for Phycal Biofuel from Algae


The Department of Energy has awarded Phycal more than 27.2 million in federal funding for the further exportation of Algae based biofuel. As part of its program to promote beneficial reuse of carbon dioxide, the Department of Energy awards companies

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Phycal - Energy from Algae


SUMMARY - Please see DOE.Gov for more Details

This EA evaluates the environmental impacts of a proposal, through a cooperative agreement with Phycal, Inc.  to partially fund implementing and evaluating new technology for the reuse of Carbon dio

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